Helo! Everybody! 

My name is Monty Gabriel Mahembe. I’m the founder of MONTY’s GLOW ORGANIC BEAUTY LINE.

I would like to introduce you my new good samatarian projects / movement, were the main focus is to empower people in need with basic human needs, which will be financed by my company MONTY’s GLOW ORGANIC BEAUTY LINE since that 1% or more of my company profit will be used to sustain somebody’s in need livelihood. You as my costumer will percipient on this charity work by purchasing my 100% natural & handmade beauty products.

I have a great faith in Our Lord Jesus living examples and the Holy Spirit whom have changed my life from zero to heroe! My living God has been favoring me with miracles of all kinds and measures lately, and I can’t thank him enough. Therefore for a while now I’ve been thinking of how to return my favor our Lord by serving his people who are in need.

Our MONTY’s GLOW TEAM in Tanzania has found a beautiful family of a single mother Zarina Hassan age 28 years old with her 3 children Rajabu 9 yrs in standard 3, Fadhila who is 6 years old, whom has just started kindergarten and baby Farida 1 years old . They are all living in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and this woman is in great need of support for her livelihood! She’s a single mother of 3 unemployed and leaving under 1 usd / day !

Today 4th July 2021 has MONTY’s GLOW TEAM in Tanzania managed to provide Zarina with uniforms and school equipment ( school bags with books, pen & pencils) for her som Ramadani. Thank God my beloved government of Tanzanian offers free education ( school fees only) For primary school students!

We have also managed to pay 6 months daycare bills and other stuffs for her 6 years old daughter so that the mother can go to work and earn money to feed herself and her 3 beautiful angles.

Julius Kambarage Nyerere our late first President of United republic of Tanzania has once’s stated that “ WHEN YOU EMPOWER A WOMAN, YOU EMPOWER A COMMUNITY “

Special thanks to my MONTY’s GLOW TANZANIA trustful solid team under the management of dada Ummy Msuya God bless your kindness my love ♥️

I would like to thank you all that supporting my business one way or anothe, that enables me to do a good cause. Shalom 🙏🏽

Best Regards
Monty Gabriel Mahembe
C. E. O & Founder