Due to the climate change and when you reach a certain age, your once-enviable glow is reduced to a mere glint and your face starts to resemble Your ancestors, then it’s time to check on  your skincare routine.

If you've tried every "miracle fix" on the market with zero results, it's time to give exfoliation a shot. What are the benefits of exfoliating the skin? Try one or two of this collection  and prepare to be wowed!

Benefits - Intense rejuvenation!

These aroma home spa kits de-stresses, re-balances and hydrates your entire face & body with pure natural oils and botanical wonders. The scrubs are super food Exfoliator followed by Fresh yoghurt cleanse with Manuka honey mixed with mask powder of your choice and finishing with a full body massage with 100% natural handmade face & body moisturizers.