About Us

Our vision is to provide our customers with natural beauty care from Mother Nature’s own resources.

Monty´s Glow Organic Beauty line of products are made 100% from Natural ingredients.

Genuinely Handmade in Sweden. Inspired by Zanzibar bridal shower rituals well known as SINGO!

The Singo face and Body Spa is a traditional ritual in Zanzibar, usually administered to a young woman everyday for 7 days before her wedding day.

Using ingredients from foods such as like neem leaves, moringa leaves, clove oil, coconut milk, papaya, mango,  cinnamon powder, ylang ylang, salts or raw sugar & herbs  it is all blended in a 'kinu' traditional blender with rosewater and honey.

We guarantee our customers modern handmade beauty products which are prepared traditionally using raw, fresh and organic ingredients.

What makes our luxury health and beauty products unique is that all raw materials are sourced globally from botanical plants all over the world!

By using our vitamin and mineral rich organic beauty products our customers can expect flawless and glowing skin!

Your beauty is our priority!

Monty´s Glow Organic beauty products are not tested on animals.