Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual
Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual

Monty's Glow™ Cleopatra Home-Spa Ritual

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CLEOPATRA HOME-SPA RITUAL  For all skin types! Everything you need to soothe, nourish, moisturize and balance your normal to dry skin.
Genuinely Handmade in Sweden. Inspired by Zanzibar bridal shower rituals well known as SINGO!
The SINGO SPA is a traditional ritual in Zanzibar, usually administered to a young woman before their wedding day. Using African ingredients like moringa leaves, cinnamon powder, ylang-ylang, salts or raw sugar and herbs, it is all blended in a 'kinu' traditional blender with rosewater and honey.
  Hydrates and balances skin. Gently exfoliate to help smooth fine lines and lift hydration level. Rich in omega (essential fatty acids) & antioxidants. Boosts collagen production, increases elasticity. Improves skin tone. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate treatment for extremely dry skin, chapped lips. cracked heels, rough elbows and parched hands.
This natural aromatic regime will heal your skin’s casualties from the chilly winter months. If used regularly, it will moisturize, condition, and heal your skin giving it a healthy youthful smooth skin structure. It will leave your skin feeling young, fresh and glowing!
DESERT  FRESH LIQUID CLEANSERS  for all skin types. Use everyday NOTE: Shake well before use.
Use once a week. ANTI-AGE exfoliating skin food for all skin types EXTRA FRIENDLY FOR MATURE SKIN A fine blend of various organic plants and natural ingredients.
Exfoliates and scrubs away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath. It improves circulation, leaving you with smooth and glowing skin, It moisturizes and speeds up the healing of scars - temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite - giving your skin a firmer appearance.
To be mixed with yoghurt & honey or smoothie into a thick paste. Apply on face and body, and allow it to dry for 20-60 min. Rinse well with only water. Use once a week.
This GREEN peeling mask is like a vitamin bomb for your DRY skin. It's a fine blend of 20 different exclusive organic ingredients of high quality. Some of the ingredients include moringa, pomegranates, rosehip, tomatoes, wild roses, lemon, cocoa, clay, almond. These ingredients are rich in vitamin A, B & C to boost vital healthy glowing skin. This green skin peeling mask will work wonders on dry skin and also contains an anti-ageing effect.
The pomegranate in this product will work wonders on your dry skin. With its incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing properties and ability to encourage radiant skin, the pomegranate has been incorporated into skincare.
It can help with a number of skin care issues that women of colour can face, including dry skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne flare-ups, and acne scars.
Moringa contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are needed to grow, repair, and maintain cells.
Moringa in this peeling mask will bring a glow to the face and body, reduce wrinkles, cure pimples and spots on the face, improve complexion, and prevent sagging of facial muscles.
  It is a beloved favourite of women worldwide!
 AFRIMAGIC FACE AND NECK SERUM . Use everyday on face and neck 
NOTE: Shake well before use.
This FACE SERUM is revitalizing, moisturizing, and soothing which protects the skin against environmental-related premature ageing and gives it a new vitality. It provides anti-ageing with aloe and botanical extracts of rosebuds from Damascenaros and blueberry.
The combination of nice botanical antics such as aloe, Swiss apples, argan and rose make it possible to create a product with no additives or emulsifiers. It also provides the ingredient's optimal effect. When they are mixed immediately before use, it creates an enhanced rejuvenating effect and your skin becomes radiant.
MONTY’s GLOW AFRIMAGIC SERUM goes quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue and therefore, can be used as a base for makeup.
This butter packs a punch for an array of skin ailments and has proven to improve pesky skin blemishes, eczema, wrinkles, and dermatitis. It will not only nourish the body internally but also provide the skin with sweet treats.